Optical precision image measurement category: Two-dimensional image measuring instrument, 2.5-dimensional image measuring instrument, 3D image measuring instrument, one-key measuring instrument, three-coordinate, projector, tool microscope, metallographic analysis microscope, electron microscope, CCD vision automation system, roundness instrument, profiler , Roughness meter, etc.

    电子3C 电子3C

    Environmental aging test equipment: Constant temperature constant temperature test box, thermal shock test box, rapid temperature change test box, rain test box, UV ultraviolet aging test box, xenon lamp ultraviolet aging test box, sand dust test box, precision high temperature oven, intelligent salt spray test box, combustion Test box, high-pressure aging test box, etc.

    光伏半导体 光伏半导体

    Mechanics, life testing category: dynamometer Electric tensile testing machine, fully computer-controlled universal material testing machine, torsion testing machine, wire bending testing machine, automatic insertion force testing machine, button curve Tester, carton compression tester, burst strength tester, drop tester, vibration table, friction tester, hardness tester, etc.

    汽车 汽车

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